"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

School Voice

What is School Voice?

School Voice is held weekly as a circle time. It is a mixed year group circle time, that is non-elected which serves as our alternative to a school council. Every child in school has an opportunity to participate in school voice once a half term. Bullying in school has been a specific agenda item and it is an open forum to raise any concerns. Part of the appeal of school voice is the ‘community’ element. The idea is that by getting to know children from a different year group and play self-esteem raising games it promotes strong relationships across the school. This intention is openly shared with the children. All the Year 6 children are responsible for implementing changes. Each child has a turn at taking the minutes during the meeting so that everyone has the opportunity to be the ‘secretary’   and regular votes are carried out to ensure the children’s views are represented.

View our School Voice leaflet.