"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

Class novel- There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

Chapter 1   read by Mrs. Young

Chapter 2   read by Mrs Black

Chapter 3   Part 1 read by Mrs Davies - Bradley introduces us to his animal friends.

Chapter 3   Part 2 read by Mrs Davies - Mum books a parent's appointment

Chapter 4   Bradley's mum meets Mrs Ebbel, Bradley's teacher

Chapter 5 - Bradley find out he has to meet Carla the counsellor

Chapter 6 -  Jeff opens the WRONG DOOR!

 Chapter 7 - Jeff meets Carla the counsellor

Chapter 8 - Oh no - here come the girls (Colleen, Lori and Melinda)!

 Chapter 9 - Bradley finally meets Carla the counsellor

Chapter 10 - Oh no, Bradley meets the girls again!

Chapter 11 - Bradley is persuaded homework IS a good thing but not until he's beaten up the girls first.

Chapter 12 - Colleen discusses her birthday plans with Carla (the counsellor).

 Chapter 13 - Bradleys meets Carla again but declares he doesn't want Jeff to have friends.

Chapter 14 - Bradley wants to do his homework with Jeff but what are his major plans beforehand?

Chapter 15 - Bradley recovers by playing with his true friends.

Chapter 16 - How will Bradley dare to go to school with a black eye?

 Chapter 17 - What will Jeff do when he gets invited to play basketball with the other boys?

 Chapter 18 - How do Bradley and Jeff react to each other? 

Chapter 19 - What tall tales does Jeff tell Carla when he next visits?

Chapter 20 - Colleen visits Carla for a second time to discuss her birthday party

Chapter 21 - Bradley, sporting a black eye, visits Carla again to discuss what he thinks of himself.

Chapter 22 - What is on Bradley's list of topics he could discuss?

Chapter 23 - The discussion takes an interesting turn.

Chapter 24 Jeff bumps into the three girls after school, with dire consequences.

Chapter 25 - Bradley has made a decision to be "good" but what happens next?

New chapters w/c 6th July



 Chapter 26 & 27 - There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

Chapter 28 - It's all about the homework - will Bradley do it?

Chapter 29 - Can Bradley overcome his fear of homework and hand it in to his teacher?

Chapters 30 - 39

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