"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

A huge big THANK YOU for the wonderful gifts you so very kindly gave us

from Mrs Young, Mrs Davies, Mrs Black, Mrs Oliveira, Mrs Hill, Mrs Ings, Mrs Wylie and Mrs Points.

We hope you have a restful and relaxing summer and we look forward to welcoming back the children in September.

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Class novel- There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

Chapter 1   read by Mrs. Young

Chapter 2   read by Mrs Black

Chapter 3   Part 1 Bradley introduces us to his animal friends.

Chapter 3   Part 2 Mum books a parent's appointment

Chapter 4   Bradley's mum meets Mrs Ebbel, Bradley's teacher

Chapter 5 - Bradley finds out he has to meet Carla the counsellor

Chapter 6 -  Jeff opens the WRONG DOOR!

Chapter 7 - Jeff meets Carla the counsellor

Chapter 8 - Oh no - here come the girls (Colleen, Lori and Melinda)!

Chapter 9 - Bradley finally meets Carla the counsellor

Chapter 10 - Oh no, Bradley meets the girls again!

Chapter 11 - Bradley is persuaded homework IS a good thing but not until he's beaten up the girls first.

Chapter 12 - Colleen discusses her birthday plans with Carla (the counsellor).

Chapter 13 - Bradleys meets Carla again but declares he doesn't want Jeff to have friends.

Chapter 14 - Bradley wants to do his homework with Jeff but what are his major plans beforehand?

Chapter 15 - Bradley recovers from his fight by playing with his true friends.

Chapter 16 - How will Bradley dare to go to school with a black eye?

Chapter 17 - What will Jeff do when he gets invited to play basketball with the other boys?

Chapter 18 - How do Bradley and Jeff react to each other? 

 Chapter 19 - What tall tales does Jeff tell Carla when he next visits?

Chapter 20 - Colleen visits Carla for a second time to discuss her birthday party

Chapter 21 - Bradley, sporting a black eye, visits Carla again to discuss what he thinks of himself.

Chapter 22 - What is on Bradley's list of topics he could discuss?

Chapter 23 - The discussion takes an interesting turn.

Chapter 24 Jeff bumps into the three girls after school, with dire consequences.

Chapter 25 - Bradley has made a decision to be "good" but what happens next?

New chapters w/c 6th July



Chapter 26 & 27 - There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

Chapter 28 - It's all about the homework - will Bradley do it?

Chapter 29 - Can Bradley overcome his fear of homework and hand it in to his teacher?

Chapters 30 - 39



Click this link: 5S plan w/c 13th July

Curriculum Resources:


Newbury library summer reading challenge:


Year 5 reflection task cards

Year 6 transition Jigsaw piece.


Instruction sheet for maths detective game.

Maths detective game - which doggy stole the missing sausages?


Spellings booklet Year 5/6

End of term Class Quiz created by 5S

Class novel: There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom  - book review template