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Our Stained Glass Windows

Legends abound on the life of St Nicolas the 4th century Bishop of Myra after whom our school is named. One particular story tells of how he rescued some sailors from drowning. He was on a ship travelling to the Holy Land, when a particularly violent storm erupted. All aboard feared for their lives. Nicolas found himself a quiet place and prayed for their safety and for the storm to abate. This it did, and the ship with its crew were saved. As a result of this, St. Nicolas became the patron saint of sailors and the school has adopted the ship as its logo.

This legend is told in our beautiful stained glass panels in the Hall. The first panel portrays the storm, depicted in whirlpools of vivid colour. The second panel symbolises Bishop Nicolas praying for the storm to cease; the next panel shows the sun shining and calm returning, and the last panel portrays the safe harbour.



These panels were designed by Year 5 pupils in 1989. The Year 5 residential trip to Sheldon used to include a visit to Buckfast Abbey, a living Benedictine monastery by the River Dart. Father Charles Morris, a master stained-glass craftsman at the Abbey runs a workshop there, and the children were very privileged to be shown around this and learn something about this craft.

When the current school building was being designed, the Head Teacher at the time, Mr. Brian Sterry, arranged with Father Charles to have four stained glass panels made for the school depicting this legend. Two panels were donated by colleagues and friends in memory of a former Head Teacher, Mr Stanley Aubrey, and two were given by the PTA to commemorate the new school. The children’s designs, made using coloured tissue paper, were taken to Buckfast Abbey and made up into the striking panels, which we see today.