"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."


As we now have Year 6 children back in school, we will be providing more assemblies each week. This week our theme is Thankfulness. Over the course of the week, we will be posting assemblies made by Mr Harvey, Mrs Bailey and St Nicolas Church to view online.

WB 29th June 2020:

Mr Harvey's Assembly on Service

Mrs Bailey’s Assembly on Service

Caroline from St Nic's Assembly on Service

WB 22nd June 2020:

Mr Harvey's Assembly on Justice

Mrs Bailey’s Assembly on Justice

WB 15th June 2020:

Mr Harvey's Assembly on Perseverance

Mrs Bailey’s Assembly on Perseverance

Joy from St Nic's Assembly on Perseverance

The Oak National Academy are also posting weekly assemblies online. On Thursday 18th June, the Duchess of Cambridge will be posting an assembly on mental wellbeing. This can be accessed through the following link: https://classroom.thenational.academy/assemblies/

WB 8th June 2020:

Mr Harvey's Assembly on Trust

Mrs Bailey’s Assembly on Trust

Tania from St Nic's Assembly on Trust

WB 1st June 2020:

Mr Harvey's Assembly on Thankfulness

 Ed's Assembly on Thankfulness filmed in St Nic's Church

Mrs Bailey’s Assembly on being thankful 

To view our weekly school assembly - click date below.

2nd April 2020 - Under Pressure!

20th April 2020 - Hope

27th April 2020 - There's Always Room

4th May 2020 - Standing on the shoulders of giants

8th May 2020 - VE Day - this is a Powerpoint presentation rather than an assembly. The presentation has been put together by the Royal British Legion and is food for thought about VE Day.

11th May - Fear

13th May: Caroline from St Nicolas Church has put a special assembly together for us on the subject of fear. This can be accessed here.

18th May - Treasure