"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

Sharing Assemblies

Congratulations to our sharing assembly award winners today. As well as our praise certificate winners, the following children were awarded trophies today:

Hemanya B: Personal achievement award for her continued excellence in all subjects. She has become confident in her own abilities, works hard and at a greater pace.

Alden W: Personal achievement award for his excellent attitude to learning. He has the desire to improve and never gives up, particularly in maths.

Kayden K: Learning muscles award for a marked interest in his work and 'have a go' attitude completing tasks to the best of his ability.

Bertie W: Mrs Rodrick reading award for doing an amazing job with his reading. Reading daily and earning lots of awards towards his reading planets.

Maia P: Writing star award for her impressive ideas for writing of both fiction and non-fiction. Her creativity and grammatical skills are more evident.

Emily H: Presentation award for a beautiful oracy presentation based on her granddad. Great skills used.

John W: Research award for his amazing independent research for his volcano learning log and presenting it confidently to the class.

Austin H: Humanities award for his enthusiasm across history and geography. Austin has been very keen and eager to find out more about our topics.

Tia B: Maths star award for her super focus and effort in maths this term. Tia has strived to improve.

Alex O: Citizenship award for her caring and inclusive nature. She demonstrates this in the classroom, playground and at after school club.

Harriet C: Consistency award for her consistent positive approach to school and learning. She always tries her best in the classroom.

Freddie H: Voice in a million award for sharing his talent and knowledge for music and inspiring others.

Shay P: Sports award for working so hard at swimming lessons and really making good progress.

Ava W: Creative arts award for her amazing effort and enthusiasm in art and D.T. lessons. Ava always produces amazing pieces.

Penelope J: Top scientist award for her delivery of her 'rock experiment' explanation to the class. She was able to talk with great understanding.

Ibby M: Personal achievement award for putting a huge effort into creating a beautiful model of the planets and presenting his space learning log with confidence.

Daniel I: Personal achievement award for his focused attention in maths lessons, enabling him to explain mathematical concepts so clearly to others that we named a mathematical concept after him!

Finn W: Learning muscles award for always treating others the way he would like to be treated. He really does try to live his life according to the school's Christian values. He is a very valued member of the class.

Mia M: Mrs Rodrick reading award for becoming a fluent, confident reader, who loves discussing what she has read.

Chloe G: Writing star award for her positive attitude, determination and effort to produce the best writing she can. This is something she should be very proud of.

Tristan B: Presentation award for his excellent contributions in all oral lessons, showing great focus and reflection.

Violet H: Research award for creating an engaging and very well researched learning log on Jupiter.

Freddie R: Humanities award for listening carefully and showing an impressive level of understanding across all humanities subjects.

Harriet N: Maths star award for her continued effort and improvement in all aspects of maths including classwork and homework.

Eve P: Citizenship award for her contributions to all aspects of life at st Nic's. She is always a willing participant and a great role model for others.

Luca F: Consistency award for always focusing on his learning and looking for ways to improve in all areas of his work.

Miruna C: Voice in a million award for her appreciation of a wide range of music and the enthusiasm she showed at Young Voices - amazing!

Faye H: Sports award for her wonderful contribution in the netball tournament and for wanting to do well for her team.

Rosa S: Creative arts award for working with enthusiasm in all aspects of creative arts.

William H: Top scientist award for showing excellent understanding and knowledge during our science lessons, especially our space topic.


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