"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

Sharing Assemblies

Congratulations to our sharing assembly award winners today. As well as our praise certificate winners, the following children were awarded trophies today:

Lottie: Brian Sterry Personal Achievement Award for always wanting to do her best and keep improving. She questions her ideas and learns from her mistakes.

Charlie: Brian Sterry Personal Achievement Award for overcoming some difficulties. He is now enjoying his work and completing tasks to the best of his ability.

Eryn: Learning Muscles Award for aiming to do her best through use of her learning muscles. She always concentrates and doesn't give up.

Percy: Mrs Rodrick Reading Award for making excellent progress in his reading and showing determination to improve further.

Max: Writing Star Award for delighting us wit his writing across the curriculum from lovely stories to factual reports.

Avirit: Star Speller Award for his super effort in daily spelling lessons. Avirit uses a range of strategies to help him improve.

Sophie: Presentation Award for working to the best of her ability to produce neat and careful work. She takes a pride in everything she does.

Evan: Research Award for working so hard and enthusiastically to research mountains in geography. He found great facts and inspired the whole class.

Luc: Maths Star Award for applying his arithmetic skills to reasoning tasks and working through challenging problems systematically.

Darcey: Citizenship Award for settling beautifully into St Nic's. Her caring and helpful personality makes her a huge asset and she has been a great friend and buddy to all of the children coming from other schools.

Wilf: Consistency Award for his consistent approach to any challenge. He produces high quality work on a daily basis.

Isla: Voice in a Million Award for her amazing effort and dedication in cornet lessons. Isla is already trying hard to read the music and produces lovely sounds.

Isambard: Brian Sterry Personal Achievement Award for his perseverance and positive attitude in coping with a tricky few weeks.

Dennis: Brian Sterry Personal Achievement Award for his outstanding commitment to show everyone what an excellent role model he is in Year 6.

Jack: Learning Muscles Award for using his learning muscles to overcome difficulties and make a fabulous start to Year 5.

Louis: Mrs Rodrick Reading Award for discussing what he reads with lots of enthusiasm.

Lucas: Writing Star Award for the hard work and effort he has put into editing his writing and the positive effects this has had.

Elle: Star Speller Award for making a huge effort to learn her statutory spelling words this term and getting 22/22 in her first test.

Erica: Presentation Award for the super presentation of all her work and the effort she puts into making it so.

Jack: Research Award for his excellent use of ICT to effectively research biomes in geography.

Alex: Maths Star Award for going above and beyond what is expected in every maths lesson and pushing himself to be the best he can be.

Suraya: Citizenship Award for committing to her job as morning helper; taking pride in her role and being helpful and organised.

Max: Consistency Award for being enthusiastic in all areas of learning and trying his best at all times.

Isobel: Voice in a Million Award for an all round high level of music ability and an excellent level of enthusiasm in music lessons.