"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."


Welcome to Year 6


 In Year 6 the classes are organised as follows:

6N: Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Lang

6S: Mrs. McCormack, Mrs. Atkin and Mr. Harvey 

Teaching assistants: Mrs. Rayner, Mrs. Cooper




PLEASE could you check your child's homework diary regularly to help them keep on top of their homework.

 6S start swimming Wednesday 25th September for 5 weeks and 6N begin their five weeks swimming on November 6th.

Secondary school application deadline October 31st 2019


The children have a learning log homework for over the half-term holiday. It is due on Monday 18th November.







13.11.19 Grammar Pages 9-10 Verbs 18.11.19


Class Groups 


Maths sheet comparing fractions in books


Page 18





Mrs Oakes

Page 18

Comparing fractions


Tuesday 19th November





Please encourage your child to read every day and remember to choose from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. They will need to record what they have read in their Reading Diaries.



Please remember to keep learning those times tables. Here are some useful links to help:






Year 6 children will have two sessions of PE each week. Please ensure the children have all their PE kit , including tracksuits and trainers, suitable for both indoor and outdoor lessons. When the children are swimming (autumn term: 6S Autumn 1 6N Autumn 2), they are able to come dressed in their school tracksuits. We will also be introducing the 'daily mile' into our daily routine so try to remember some trainers every day.


In art this term, the children will be exploring the techniques used by artists in pencil sketching. They will then develop and refine their own sketching skills and make detailed observational drawings of shoes. They will then use what they have learnt to create a 3D clay sculpture of a shoe. Later in the term for their Design Technology unit, they will explore how slippers have been made and how designs have changed over the years. They will learn how to combine materials using a range of stitches and try different techniques to embellish slipper designs. By the end of the unit, they will have designed and made their own slippers and  fingers crossed will hopefully be in the Dragon's Den showcasing their designs to possible investors.


In the autumn term the children will be learning all about Kodu programming.


Throughout the year the children will be focusing on two main religions in religious education lessons - Christianity and Hinduism. They will learn about the festivals, religious practices, explore their own beliefs and discuss key questions in depth with their peers. In the first half of the autumn term we will be exploring how Hindus show commitment to their religion and how this may influence their daily life.



In the autumn term, the Year 6 will be learning all about Living things and their habitats. In this unit, they will find out about the classification system used today and be creating new species - applying all they have learnt about the characteristics of different plants and animals. Following on from this, the children will be learning all about the human body and learning about: the blood, the circulatory system and the nutrition and exercise needed for a healthy body.



 In geography, year 6 will be exploring different world biomes and after half term, the children will be learning all about the Saxons.