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                                                                                  Week beginning: 25.01.2021                                                                                       Weekly Timetable - document                                                 

The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis


Embark on an adventure with The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis.                                                                                                                          Two siblings, Tom and Stella, who have recently moved from Hong Kong, try to solve the case of a disappearing dog!                          

Reading Comprehension                       Focus text: The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis  



 Listen to the introduction by Karen Inglis 



Isabella Plantation - inspiration for The Secret Lake 



  Sit back and enjoy the first 3 Chapters of this book read by Karen Inglis (10 minutes)


First three chapters

 Click here -Character Sketch of Tom and Stella-





 Listen to the audio

 Chapter 4



Listen to the audio

Chapter 5



 Listen to the audio

 Chapter 6



Listen to the audio

Chapter 7 PART 1  with questions Chapter 7 PART 2 with questions





Lesson activities



 L.O. To think about and  draw  ‘The Secret Lake’ 

The main characters (Tom and Stella) find ‘The Secret Lake’ in our book. What do you imagine it looks like? Look at the two book covers on the plan to spark some ideas.


Drawing the setting 

'The Secret Lake'

 Draw and colour what you imagine ‘The Secret Lake’ to look like.

You need to draw your setting in detail as you are going to describe it in another lesson.


 L.O. To write a description of 'The Secret Lake'

I hope you’ve enjoyed The Secret Lake so far!  In Chapter 4, Tom and Stella discover a hole and ladder leading down to ……..a lake.

Here is the start of a description of the lake. Can you continue to describe what it looked like. Remember not to tell the story! What can you see, hear, smell ?

The most beautiful lake could be seen through the thinning branches. There were crimson pink flowering bushes….


 Chapter 4

Here are a few words that you could use in your description:
smalllargegreatlittlebeautifulshallowbluebigplacidlowerquietcalmwidenarrowgreen freshcrimsoncoldpretty stillundergrounddeepestpeacefulornamental,  distanttranquilsmooth,   lonelycrystal


You could use this weblink to search for words to help you. Although it says rhyme zone, it covers different language features.

RhymeZone: Adjectives for lake


L.O. To use Spelling shed and activities for the Stage 4 spelling programme

 List 15-  The suffix ‘-ous.’  The final ‘e’ of the root word must be kept if the sound of ‘g’ is to be kept.

 Please go online to use the Spelling Shed activities assigned at your level

List 15 Spelling Practice Sheet

Activity 1 List 15

Activity 1 List 15 Answers

Group 1 words

Group 1 Activity

Group 2 words

Group 2 activity

Stage 1  List 7  Spelling practice sheet

Stage 1 Activity 1

Stage 1 Activity 1 ANSWERS


 Word Work                                                                                                                                     L.O. To use the dictionary to find meanings of words and synonyms to find similar words

Use the attached sheet to find the definition and  words that  have the same or nearly the same meaning as another(synonyms)

How many words can you manage to do?

Dictionary/Thesaurus work

Use this online tool :

Thesaurus and Word Tools | WordHippo



Sheet with words


L.O. To use  the text to draw characters

To ask questions about these characters


Read the descriptions of the boy in the boat and the two girls. Draw and label them.

If you were Stella or Tom, think of questions that you would like to ask them.

Character description sheet


  1. Make a list of questions that you would like to ask the boy and the two girls.




Lesson activities - Teaching videos (click HERE)


Extra Maths challenges

Mathletics - activities linked to our units of work

Primary Maths Challenge  - good for some extra challenges

Times Tables Rock Stars - keep up your skills

Transum  puzzles, problems and investigations 





For some easier Measurement activities 

Mathletics Booklet (area section only)

Answer book



problem solving answers




powerpoint-problems for the week








LO: What is area?




powerpoint-problems for the week

problem solving answers



 LO: Counting squares to find area




powerpoint-problems for the week

problem solving answers


Counting squares 1 

Counting squares 2



 LO: Making shapes




powerpoint-problems for the week

problem solving answers


Making shapes



 LO: To compare area



powerpoint-problems for the week

problem solving answers




 Hot task. Answer the assessment questions. How did you do?



 Hot Task

Hot Task Answers





Lesson activities Resources
SCARF - Monday

Friend or acquaintance?

LO: To consider the different types of relationships we can have with other people. 

Read the story, there are different characters mentioned. 

  • Who would you say is an acquaintance of Henry’s? 
  • Why aren’t they a ‘friend’?
  • Are any of Henry’s relatives caving with him? 
  • What makes you say no?
  • What does Umar do in the story that demonstrates he is a very good friend to Henry?


identify the different ways Umar helped Henry.

  • What else might Umar have done to help Henry on the caving trip?
  • The two boys are friends but are different. How do they differ?
  • Why might we choose people for friends who are different from ourselves?
  • What would the world be like if everyone looked the same and had the same opinions and interests?



We have different types of relationships and these affect the way we are with people and what kinds of conversations we have.

Explore the conversation Henry might have with one of the following people:

  1. His mum (family)
  2. The caving instructor (acquaintance)
  3. The person who is serving dinner that evening (acquaintance)
  4. Another pupil who is a close friend of Henry’s (friend) 
  5. Can you act one of these out?

 Think about what kind of relationship is being shown and how this affects the amount of detail and feeling revealed to the person

All the people we know and meet have important roles in our lives but we might share more with our families and friends than acquaintances.

Umar helps Henry - story sheet

Story Audio by a teacher

Questions Audio - teacher led


Research work




 Science Research- 

You could use www.google.co.uk   OR

Safe search engines

 Kid’s Search Engine
Teach the Children Well





 Research work sheet about volcanoes


R.E Wednesday

 Last lesson we learnt about Noah and his friendship with God, now we are going to learn about Abraham (Noah’s descendant) and his relationship with God.

Abraham was asked to leave behind (everything) and  told to go to a distant land by God.

 (Sometimes referred to as Abram) Abram had to leave his home in Ur in the land of Haram.

Watch the clip



Here is the first part of the story of Abraham from the Bible.



Abraham lived near the ancient city of Ur in southern Iraq. Use the attached map to  track his journey from Ur to Haran to Canaan and  then to Egypt


 Abraham reading sheet

Questions to answer









Map of Abraham's journey

Follow the route with a marker pen.

List some of the places marked on the map

Geography/ Science - Thursday

Where In the World Are Volcanoes?

 L.O. To use a map of the world  


       A list of extinct volcanoes in the UK;

       https://www.wanderlust.co.uk/content/uk-volcanoes-must-visit/ -




Fun activities with volcanoes/Investigations

 Make your own volcano and watch it erupt!

Make your own volcano instructions

How to make a model of a volcano


 BBC clip about volcanoes;



Look at this




Map of the world

List of active and dormant volcanoes

Labelling sheet - volcanoes of world (3 levels of difficulty - choose your own level)


Extra challenge

 If you have identified all the active volcanoes from the list, join them together with a thin red pen. This is called the Ring of Fire because it is where most of the active volcanoes in the world exist.

Interactive map to label online


Art - Friday

 L. O. To draw or paint a secret lake

You can draw /paint your own or use the frame as a template and add a rowing boat and flowers.


How to draw a rowing boat

How to draw a Rhododendron Flower


 Mrs Carvill's Daily Fitness Challenge


P.E with Mrs Carvill at school

2.30 Cardio with Carvill

Join Mrs Carvill for a live zoom workout every Tuesday at 2:30pm


 ID: 931 4792011

Password: workout

Fitness Challenge