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Y4 Home learning

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                                                                                  Week beginning: 18.01.21                                                                                                                                  

Weekly Plan

Class Novel:  The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo

Audio -Read by Teachers 

Chapter One - Chilblains and Semolina Pudding

Reading Comprehension



 The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. Read the chapter and answer the questions 



Chapter Six



 The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. Read the chapter and answer the questions 


Chapter Seven



 The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. Read the chapter and answer the questions 


Chapter Eight



 The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. Read the chapter and answer the questions 


Chapter Nine



 The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. Read the chapter and answer the questions 

 Enjoy reading/listening to the last chapters of this book. The final chapter is Chapter 14

These chapters can be found on the Yr 4 Homepage. 

Chapter Ten



 The Angel of Nitshill Road: Amazon.co.uk: Fine, Anne: 9781405233200: Books

Read the book by clicking on the name of the book below

 The Angel of Nitshill Road by Anne Fine

Click on the chapter - audio read by teachers.

Chapter One                               Chapter Six

Chapter Two                               Chapter Seven

Chapter Three                            Chapter Eight

Chapter Four                               Chapter Nine

 Chapter Five                               Chapter Ten



Lesson activities



Fronted adverbials

L.O. To make a sentence about what you have read so far in the Angel of Nitshill Road.

When the wheel stops -can you make a sentence using that fronted adverbial. Even better -make a sentence about what you have read so far in the Angel of Nitshill Road.

Fronted adverbial starters - Random wheel (wordwall.net)

 See how many different sentences you can make .Look underneath the wheel at the bottom of the page and you will find other wheels that have been made by children. Use these too!



 L.O.   To discuss the issues of bullying through text and film

Read /Listen to Chapter 6 &  7 of the AONR.

Focus on Chapter 7 Round Robin  

 Celeste arrives with a book and a gold pen, and each and every last horrible word or taunt is entered in the book, with witnesses. 


Watch a film clip about bullying and remember that it is never ok.

bullying is never okay 2 - YouTube

Look at the display posters –there are suggestions here that might help you if you were being bullied

Watch both clips



What are the messages of each story?

 Display posters to discuss (no need to print off)

Buddy or Bully sheet


Chapter Six

Chapter Seven


L.O. To use Spelling shed and activities for the Stage 4 spelling programme/Use as handwriting practice.                   List 14  Adding the suffix ous  turns a noun into an adjective 

 STAGE 4      Spelling Practice Sheet

 STAGE 4       Activity 1

STAGE 4       Activity 1 Answers


Group 1 Activity

Group 2 Activity


Stage 1 List 6 Practice sheet

Activity 1

Activity 2


 L.O. To identify how characters have changed over the course of a story


Chapter 8  and Chapter 9                                  

 e.g. Mark

At beginning of story, he gets easily wound up and loses his temper easily. We know this because when Barry Hunter steals his pencil case, he throws himself at Barry screaming and howling with tears of rage, clawing and kicking and yelling and trying to tear out clumps of his hair.

At the end, Mark has learned not to lose his temper but to turn things into a joke when people try to wind him up. We know this because when Barry throws a cardboard box at him and it lands on his head, he pretends to be a robot gone wrong and everybody is laughing with him rather than at him.

Complete a table to show the change in the main characters                       Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine


L.O. To write a book blurb

Finish the story of the AONR – Chapter 10 Goodbye Celeste

 Write a book blurb that tells the reader what the theme is and the characters involved. Don’t give too much away however!

Chapter Ten



Lesson activities - Teaching videos (click HERE)


Extra Maths challenges

Mathletics - activities linked to our units of work

Primary Maths Challenge  - good for some extra challenges

Times Tables Rock Stars - keep up your skills

Transum  puzzles, problems and investigations 





For some easier Multiplication and division activities 

Mathletics Booklet

Answer book






Challenge Cards 1

Challenge Cards 2

Challenge Cards 3





Reasoning/Problem Solving ppt


LO: To divide 2 digits by 1 digit


Answer sheet


Something easier


 LO: To divide 2 digits by 1 digit


Answer sheet


Something easier


 LO: To divide 3 digits by 1 digit



Answer sheet


Something easier

Divisor Spiders



 LO: To answer correspondence problems


Answer sheet



Ppt ice cream

Ice cream sheet


 Hot task - have a go at the questions. 


How is your understanding of multiplication and division?


Mathletics/tt rockstars

Hot Task A

Hot Task B

Answers A

Answers B



Easier hot task

Easier hot task answers





Lesson activities Resources



L.O: Understand that you have the right to protect your personal body space; Recognise how others' non-verbal signals indicate how they feel when people are close to their body space; Suggest people you can talk to if you feel uncomfortable with other people's actions towards you.

Explain/discuss the concept of ‘body space’ and feeling uncomfortable when people get too close. The uncomfortable feeling is the brain’s way of warning us.

Body Space Photographs

  • How do you think this person is feeling?
  • How does our body or mind warn us when someone gets too close?
  • How do other people react when someone gets too close?
  • How can we tell that they don’t feel comfortable? [facial expressions or body language]
  • What could they do if someone is touching them in ways they don’t like, or making them feel uncomfortable in any way?

What should we do if someone is touching us in ways we don’t like, or making us feel uncomfortable in any way? (Tell a safe adult about it. If the safe adult is busy or not listening properly, keep trying and don't give up - or find another safe adult).

Body Space Photographs - look at the photos and discuss the questions.



Design a poster or information leaflet on the importance of body space. 


What signs do people show if they are uncomfortable? Facial expressions?


Who can you speak to if someone is making you feel uncomfortable?


P.E. Research work

P.E with Mrs Carvill if you are at school. If you are at home, you may also want to use part of the afternoon to do some exercise!!     

Science Research- 

You could use www.google.co.uk   OR

Safe search engines

 Kid’s Search Engine
Teach the Children Well


Many animals have similar digestive systems as humans. Animals have different types of diet (carnivore, herbivore and omnivore). Can you find out what these terms mean? Can you think of examples of animals for each?


Research information about 3 animals diet. Choose one carnivore, a herbivore and an omnivore. What can you find out? 

Resources - use the table to note down your research.

https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/facts-pictures/ - animal facts


The Story of the Little Mole (Who Knew it was None of his Business)



If you have a Bible at home find the Old and New Testaments. 

Find Genesis 


  PEOPLE OF GOD -  What is it like to follow God?

We are going to be looking at the stories in the Old Testament which happened many years before Jesus was born. They often focus on the friendship between the main characters and God. The People of God in the Old Testament try to live in the way God wants, following his commands and worshipping him. They believe he promises to stay with them and Bible stories show how God keeps his promises.

Key question: What was it like for Noah and his family to follow God?

Use the easier version of the Bible if you want to read the story.


Watch the video of Noah from Genesis 6:5–9:17.


God in the Noah story was trying to do away with evil in the world and make it a better place.

Fill in your thoughts to these questions:





L.O.How are volcanoes formed?

Have a look at some of the slides of volcanoes



Investigation at home

L.O. To construct a cross section of the Earth.

See 3 sheets

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

 Fill in sheet that asks you to think of questions that you would like to research

Watch (quite  technical video clips but keep with them!) Weblinks

 Informative movie clip (6 minutes long) about the layers of the earth;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAHY6965o08 -

 Fun song about the layers of the earth;


 Clip on plate tectonics and creation of volcanoes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryrXAGY1dmE -


Colours and label  the layers of the earth-


Blank sheet

crust (brown)

the mantle (red)

outer core (orange)

inner core (yellow)

Art - Friday

l.O. To draw/paint a volcano

Decide which web link you would like to use




If you would like to try painting without drawing try this slightly harder weblink.




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