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Y5 Home learning

If your child needs to stay at home but is still well enough to continue with their school work, please use the information on this page to help them continue with their learning at home. A variety of lessons will be set across the week.


Week commencing 2nd November 2020


Words for the week: 

Go to Spelling Shed online to play fun games assigned to your class.

English WB 2nd November


Lesson activities Resources


LO: To use apostrophes for contraction and possession.


Go through PPT - apostrophes for contraction and possession.


Apostrophe Worksheet

 LO: What are the features of a traditional tale?

What is a traditional tale? How many traditional tales can you name? Choose 1 tale from your list and   prepare a mime to present to a member of your family. Can they guess the traditional tale?

Do any of your traditional tales have these features:

Good character – hero/heroine (Cinderella) , Evil character (Three Little Pigs) , Orphan, Prince/princess, Magic, Moral ………, Castles, Fantasy settings, Objects coming to life? Now try and name a traditional tale that has each one of these features. Create a colourful poster of the features of Traditional Tales.

LO: To map out a traditional tale

Using this picture of characters from Traditional Tales - write a paragraph using prepositions to describe where each of your characters are.

Watch the story of Little Red Riding Hood. How is it the same as the story you know? How is it different from the story you know?

Create a story picture map of Little Red Riding Hood (the version you know the best), labelling clearly all the features from the story e.g The heroine walks through the woods to visit grandma. The evil villain appears. etc.


PIctures of Characters




Examples of a story picture map

LO: To orally retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Retell Little Red Riding Hood using story maps from yesterday. Children to create their own ending to the story. Practise until perfect.

LO: To re-write a traditional tale, adding your own ending.

Children write their own version of Little Red Riding Hood, changing the end.

Traditional tales – openings. Do they always start with Once upon a time….? Discuss alternatives.

A long time ago, Back in the days when…, Did you ever hear the story of…?, early one morning, In the middle of a dark, dark night, In a land far, far away.





MATHS  WB 19th October

 Remember to practise daily online at  Times Tables at TTRockstars 

Lesson activities - Teaching videos (click HERE) Resources
Mon Use line graphs to solve problems

White Rose Worksheet



Tue Read and interpret tables


White Rose Worksheet


Wed Two-way tables

Two way tables SATS Questions

Thu Read information on timetables

Reading timetables worksheet





Lesson activities Resources

LO: Create a self portrait - take a look at the BBC website.

The pupils could do a close observational drawing.

Such as self-portraits using safe mirrors.

Portraits to create a collaborative display, crowd scene or year group image.

This will be used to  make a greetings board or welcome display in our entrance area.




LO: I can investigate which materials are soluble.

Look at the PowerPoint that explains about dissolving versus melting.

Investigate whether sand, sugar, salt, flour or iron filings will dissolve in water. Record your results in a table and then display them in a single-set Venn diagram. Consider how you could separate the mixtures and solutions.



PowerPoint Dissolving




 LO: What is special about a Synagogue?

Watch the Powerpoint and write the definitions of the key words.

LO: What is a mezuzah?

Find out and then have a go at making your own!


Synagogue Powerpoint

Instructions for making a Mezuzah


 LO: To explore emotions

Design your own character who is the same age as you.

Once you have drawn him/her, choose three words to describe them, three strengths and three weaknesses.

Now imagine how they would react in these situations.

1. Loss of a pet

2. Starting a new school

3. A best friend moving away

Write a few sentences about each one.